Travelers Arrive At Airport To Find Parking Business Closed, 450 Cars Left Waiting On The Lot

For many, hitching a ride to the airport isn’t an option, or maybe it’s just more convenient to drive your own car to catch a flight. And with staffed lots to make sure cars stay safe and a shuttle to get to and from the airport, parking can feel like a safe, easy choice. But for those travelers who left their vehicles at a discount parking lot at the Orlando airport, it proved to be an inconvenient experience after the business closed down unexpectedly.

Officials say that anywhere between 450 or 400 cars were left on the lot after a quick parking company at the Orlando International Airport shut down business on Christmas, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

That meant travelers had to find their own rides to the lot, because there were no longer airport shuttles going to and from the spot, said a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s office. He said at least one person had to take a cab there at their own expense.

One couple flew in from San Diego only to find the crowded lot dark, with someone stationed at the lot saying he couldn’t reimburse their $21 cab fare. The woman said when she called the company before arriving, an automated message played saying the operation “is out of business due to unforeseen circumstances.”

“However, your cars are very secure in the parking lot where you left them,” the recording said. “We ask you to make your way to the lot to retrieve your vehicles and someone should be there to assist you. Again, our apology and thank you very much.”

“We’re just thankful we weren’t blocked in,” the man said. “Some of the cars are.”

It does seem that customers should have their own keys, at least — while many parking lots take a set of keys in case the vehicles need to be moved, this couple said that wasn’t the case.

“We should have known something was up because typically I park a lot of cars a lot places, and they normally keep your keys in case they need to move them,” the customer said. “But when they said, ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait take your keys with you,’ they knew something beforehand or they wouldn’t have — they would have kept our keys.”

The owner of the company told that he sent someone to keep an eye on the cars, so it’s not like they were abandoned or in any danger. You know, if you’re one of the people who can actually get to their cars.

“First of all I’m very sorry for the inconvenience,” he said. “I’m sorry that you guys had a bad experience. But as far as your car’s concerned, as far as your property’s concerned, it’s safe.”

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