Check To Make Sure That Box Spring You Buy Off Craigslist Doesn’t Come With A Free Cat

Anyone who owns a cat knows that they like to get into the tiniest, oddest of places. And if you think you can get them out when they aren’t ready, you’ve got another think coming. All those cat factors combined in the most unfortunate of situations when an Oregon man realized he’d sold his girlfriend’s cat along with a box spring.

Camo the cat was hiding in his favorite spot, a hole inside a box spring, unbeknownst to the Portland man who sold the item on Craigslist for $100, reports The Oregonian.

After helping the buyer carry the mattress and box spring out to the car, the man went back inside to check on the cat before he left the apartment. But Camo was nowhere to be found, and now the couple is asking Portland for help to find him.

The guy who bought the box spring even let the couple come over and look for Camo, but no one has seen or heard of him since he was carried away. The community is getting in on the act, but so far there’s been no luck.

“We’re so incredibly thankful that anyone would care about our cat,” the man said.

Come on, Santa. Now’s the perfect time to do what you do.

Portland-area man accidentally sells girlfriend’s cat, now Reddit trying to help him find ‘Camo’ [The Oregonian]

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