FedEx Truck Crashes In Georgia, Spilling Packages On Highway

Not the vehicle that crashed, as far as we know. (Michael Sauers)

Not the vehicle that crashed, as far as we know. (Michael Sauers)

Yesterday morning, a FedEx tractor-trailer crashed along a highway, holding up traffic and scattering packages at a busy time of year. No, this is not a rerun from Monday, when the same thing happened in New Jersey on FedEx’s biggest shipping day of the year. This crash occurred in Georgia, and the truck was carrying packages that contained regular consumer goods as well as grapefruit and consumer goods.

Like Monday’s New Jersey incident, this truck was pulling two trailers You can check out the pictures of scattered consumer goods and citrus fruits on the highway over at the Macon Telegraph. A man from a local wrecking crew told the Telegraph that he saw “a lot of laptops” among the wreckage. He says that he also gathered loose DVDs bound for Redbox kiosks into a box.

If you’re wondering what’s with the grapefruits, we should probably point out that the truck was traveling from grapefruit country in Orlando, Florida to a destination in Kentucky. Mostly, witnesses say, the cargo in the truck was gifts and other packages, with many boxes torn open or damaged. FedEx representatives told the Macon Telegraph that all of the cargo from the trailers would be inspected. Getting packages and debris off the highway was the most important thing, a task that local emergency services performed with a bulldozer-like vehicle.

Fortunately, the FedEx vehicle was the only one involved in the wreck, which happened around 10:30 in the morning. The driver wasn’t injured.

FedEx truck wreck spills packages on I-75 northbound in Monroe County [Macon Telegraph]

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