Couple Tired Of Holiday Package Thefts Fills Box With Excrement, Sets Up Camera

Image courtesy of YouTube

A warning to those among you who might be tempted to swipe a package from the piles covering doorsteps right now, at the height of the holiday shopping season: You might not open it to find anything you’ll like, and that includes a box filled with poop.

A D.C.-area couple said they were sick and tired of thieves pilfering packages from their front porch, reports WJLA, and decided to take action, with the help of their two pooches.

Surveillance footage had caught a man stealing a package from their doorstep and taking off last week, which was the third time such a thing had happened since October.

“Obviously, it made me really mad,” said the woman. “I worked hard, saved my money, bought something and then it was just gone.”

She says she and her boyfriend decided to put a box outside as bait, fill it with dog feces and angle their surveillance camera toward it to get a better angle if the thief decided to come back. And this week, he did — so the couple posted a video of the man walking toward the camera, picking up a box and walking off. It’s called, aptly, “This DC package thief is about to get one unpleasant surprise.”

The couple also filed a police report, with the hope that now that he’s been seen on video, he could be caught. They’re also handling their packages differently.

Stinky revenge: Couple tricks holiday package thief into stealing box of dog poop []

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