Toddlers Try And Fail To Destroy A New iPad

ipadkidsWhen a new version of Apple’s iPad comes out, delighted media outlets answer all kinds of questions about its size and features. What most reviews will not cover is the important question that many families need answered as they decide which tablet to buy: can it withstand one of the greatest destructive forces known to humankind?

We mean, of course, the human toddler: a creature powered by a combination of willfulness, frustration, developing hand-eye coordination, juice, and cuteness. Instead of simulating the effect of toddlers on thin, delicate tablets, CNN found two junior test technicians and handed them an iPad with no case. (Warning: auto-play video!)

Thanks to either good parenting or modern children having an inborn sense of how new technology works, the kids resisted throwing the tablet on the ground at first. After a few rounds, the kids figured out how this fun new game worked, and they threw the iPad on the floor, down the stairs, and even (why not?) off the CNN anchor desk. The kids even stomped on it while wearing shoes. All of this resulted in…a few little dings to the device’s metal casing. That would affect the resale value, but the important parts of the tablet are still working.

Note: it probably still isn’t a good idea to hand an unprotected iPad to a small child.

Toddler vs. Apple iPad Air 2: Stress Test [CNN] (Warning: auto-play video!)

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