Toddlers Try And Fail To Destroy A New iPad

Toddlers Try And Fail To Destroy A New iPad

When a new version of Apple’s iPad comes out, delighted media outlets answer all kinds of questions about its size and features. What most reviews will not cover is the important question that many families need answered as they decide which tablet to buy: can it withstand one of the greatest destructive forces known to humankind? [More]

(ABC 7)

Woman Could Lose Home She’s Lived In For 55 Years Because Of A Bureaucratic Mistake

A blind woman in Indiana living on a limited income says if the land her house is on is taken out from underneath her, she’ll have nowhere to go. But despite the fact that she’s lived in the home for 55 years, she’s facing eviction because no one realized the land had been sold off years ago. Ah, bureaucracy. [More]