Send Us Your Nominees For The Worst Ads Of 2014

worstad2014Even though many of us now try to employ our DVRs and streaming services to avoid as many commercials as possible, there are times when you have little choice; just ask anyone who has watched a Sunday afternoon football game and been attacked by the same truck and beer ads run, ad nauseam, during every time out. So here’s your chance to vent and call out the worst of the worst.

Shoot us your suggestions for the year’s worst commercials at

Try to be as specific as possible. Writing “Those insurance ads! Arrgggh!!” is probably an accurate sentiment but doesn’t help us identify the ads in question. It would really help (but isn’t required) if you link to YouTube clips (or other video sources) of the specific commercials, so that we know exactly which commercial is bugging you.

Feel free to come up with your own categories for awards beyond the mere worst of the year. Several of last year’s winners were in reader-created categories, like the “Humbert Humbert Award for Stepdad of the Year,” (for those creepy Kay Jewelers commercials) and the “Meet the New Flo Award for Loudmouth Spokesperson Who Needs to Just Back Off a Bit” that was given to The Phillips Colon Health Lady.

So be creative, or at least more creative than the people who get paid a lot of money to create these ads.

Deadline for nominations is Monday, Dec. 15, at 5 p.m. ET.

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