(Mark Amsterdam)

Even though many of us now try to employ our DVRs and streaming services to avoid as many commercials as possible, there are times when you have little choice; just ask anyone who has watched a Sunday afternoon football game and been attacked by the same truck and beer ads run, ad nauseam, during every time out. So here’s your chance to vent and call out the worst of the worst. [More]

Even Sarah McLachlan Changes The Channel When Her ASPCA Commercial Comes On

Even Sarah McLachlan Changes The Channel When Her ASPCA Commercial Comes On

Anyone who was watched basic cable after midnight in the last seven years has probably come face to face with the 2-minute long heart-rending ASPCA commercial about animal cruelty featuring singer Sarah McLachlan and her oft-karaoked song “Angel.” While it’s been a huge fundraising success for ASPCA, it’s not an easy couple of minutes to watch, especially when you’re just trying to watch a 2 a.m. rerun of House Hunters International. Now the Canadian songstress has a comforting message for those of us who reach for the remote: We’re not alone. [More]

Consumerist Presents The 19 Worst Ads Of 2013, Brought To You By Consumerist

While we all have that one friend who is constantly littering our Facebook timelines with YouTube links to “Hilarius!” [sic] commercials, most of us hate advertisements. Even the ones that are funny or interesting the first time you see them will inevitably begin to grate after you see it for the 10th time in an hour. But some ads never even earn that initial chuckle, and instead go right to pushing that nerve that makes you want to body-slam your beloved 55″ TV. [More]