New Sugary Cereals We Would Like To Eat Right Now

New-French-Toast-Crunch-Box-526x700Breakfast cereals are the perfect food category for humanity: just about everyone has at least one that they like. They’re great at any time of day, as dessert, or even as a snack. Recently, news broke about two cereals that are hitting shelves: one is new, and the other is not so new. Both sound magical.

First, late last week we learned that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is re-introducing French Toast Crunch, a sweet cereal popular in the ’90s. It disappeared from store shelves in 2006, except in Canada. Obsessed fans could order it from there when they were craving the stuff, but that takes serious dedication.

People who were young then are really, really excited about this news. General Mills says that it was “overwhelmed” with requests to bring the cereal back, and the target market for this cereal happens to be in their twenties now: young enough to post constantly about their favorite brands to social media, but old enough that they are now able to afford their own sugary cereals.

The other cereal that we learned about is holiday-themed and very tempting. The problem: Taylor over at The Impulsive Buy assures us that it is terrible. This confection is a sugar cookie edition of the classic cookies-for-breakfast provider Cookie Crisp, but with red and green sprinkles. Taylor points out that if you’re going to have cookies for breakfast, go all the way and bake or buy your own cookies instead.

Limited Edition Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp In Milk

REVIEW: Limited Edition Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp Cereal [The Impulsive Buy]

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