McDonald’s Customer & His Cat Pepper-Sprayed By Other Customer

Anyone who has worked in retail — especially foodservice — is familiar with pesky customers who have to repeatedly be told to leave the store. But one such standoff in Seattle apparently escalated quickly to the point where at least two adults and a cat were all doused in pepper spray.

It all occurred yesterday around lunch time, when a man and his cat — which he described to news outlets as a service animal — entered a McDonald’s.

Employees at the store tell KOMO News that the man was identified as someone that had previously been banned from this McDonald’s, so he was asked to leave.

This started an argument between the customer and employees, and then things got physical between the banned man (whose cat was on his shoulder at the time) and another man in line.

You can see it play out in the security camera footage above, but there is no sound and the actual pepper-spray incident occurs out of camera range.

KOMO reports that the pepper spray belonged to the banned man, but the Seattle Times writes that it was the other customer who used the pepper spray.

What is known is that the banned customer, his cat, and the other customer were all hit by the spray.

The other customer — who allegedly sprayed the stuff — got the worst of it and had to be treated at the hospital.

The McDonald’s had to be closed for a short while following the incident, and firefighters later returned to the scene to treat employees for what may have been residual effects of the spray.

Police tell the Times that no arrests will be made.

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