CCTV Footage Shows World’s Coolest Customer Calmly Walking Away After Truck Collides With Building

Imagine you’re just about to sit down and enjoy a snack at your local bakery when, mere feet away, a truck plows right through the front of the building. If you’re like me, you’d run screaming with a howl so high-pitched that dogs would cry for miles around. But not so for one customer of a bakery in Cincinnati.

Around 30 seconds into the security camera footage above (NOTE: It can get pretty loud, so you’ll probably want to turn your volume down), you see a truck enter the frame — and then enter the building — creating a drive-thru lane where none had existed before.

But you’ll also see a man who was only a couple feet away from the crash when it happened calmly walk away from the scene as if someone had just spilled a drink and caused a minor annoyance.

The man tells WCPO-TV that it played out like a slow-motion action sequence from a movie and says that the force from the collision felt like an explosion.

The driver of the truck reportedly suffered a medical emergency, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and plow through the front of the bakery. He was found conscious by emergency responders and taken to a nearby hospital.

And while the customer may have avoided a horrible close call, the bakery owner says he may end up having to close the business during the heavily busy Christmas season.

Here’s what the crash looked like from the outside of the building:

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