Target, Where Holiday Menu Specials Actually Cost You More Money

target popcorn and drinkThe jingle bells are jingling, the Santas are ho-hoing and it’s officially okay for everyone to be in the holiday spirit. But while it’s always nice of businesses to try to offer special deals for holiday shoppers, Target might need to rethink how it approaches the idea of a “deal.”

Usually, the kind of deal you want to promote on say, menu boards, are the good ones, where the customer is going to save money. But Consumerist reader Melissa spotted the above sign at her local Target in Tucson, which heralds a decidedly bad holiday deal that ends up costing $0.30 more than the non-holiday price.

“Buy a popcorn and soda for $1.99, or get the special holiday popcorn and soda combo for $2.29,” Melissa writes.

We’ll stick with the unspecial deal, thanks, Target.

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