Meat Dreams: Bacon-Scented Pillowcases Exist

baconpillowcasesmTrying to conjure up all the instances where we’ve run across bacon-scented products that claim to ensare your senses just like the real thing would be a futile effort. And now there’s one more, from the same meat obsessed folks that brought the world bacon condoms and bacon shaving cream (not to mention bacon caskets) have a new pork product to peddle: Bacon-scented pillowcases.

Playing on the obvious fact that many people dream about bacon, or would like to try to do so, J&D Foods has a new bedtime pitch:

“The future of sleep is here, and… it smells like cured meat. Our bacon-scented pillowcase uses advances in printing technology to allow the scent of bacon to permeate your dreams and expand your mind.”

Because nothing lasts forever, the scent in the pillowcases is designed to last for anywhere between 6-12 months if you take care of them right, the company claims.

While this is surely a safer option than cooking bedside bacon a la Michael Scott, is there ever a product that can come close to the real thing? Could this pillowcase really smell like bacon? Yes. But could it also be a disappointment so severe you’re forced to cook and eat an entire package of cured pork yourself? Let’s hope not.

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