Disgustingly Rich People Charter Jets Just For Their Pets

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When a companion animal has to get from one place to another, there aren’t many options. After the demise of the former Pet Airways in 2012, pets either need to be driven from place to place, or travel by commercial air tucked under a seat or in the cargo hold. Or you could do what very, very rich people do: shuttle your pets from place to place using chartered luxury jets.

Yes, this is the level of service that your cat thinks he deserves, but is reserved for people who have around $67,000 to spare instead of paying for a first-class ticket. “They don’t want to go to Aspen or their holiday or to their second home without their pets being on board,” the CEO of charter company Jet Edge International explained to Bloomberg News. Of course.

It’s understandable why people who care about their pets would want to avoid sending them via cargo, but some pet owners seek the ultimate in air-travel madness: Bloomberg cites the example of a divorced couple who share custody of their dog, and send it back and forth across the country every other month at a cost of $50,000 per flight. Of course, the dog has to have a nanny as well.

Luxury Jets Pamper Pets With Pilaf, Room to Roam: Globetrotter [Bloomberg]

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