You Can Now Share Tweets Using Twitter’s Direct Messages

Though it might seem like a feature that should’ve been in place already, the ability for Twitter users to share tweets of interest via the platform’s direct messages option is something the company just rolled out this week.

Now when you see a specific tweet that you want to share privately, there are options other than simply retweeting it or quoting it within Twitter, Twitter says in a new blog post. Sharing tweets within Twitter? What a novel idea!

On the Twitter site, Tweet Deck and iOS and Android Twitter apps, users can click on a tweet in their timeline and select “Share via Direct Message,” which will beam the link straight to the friend of their choosing.

Before this change, users would have had to copy the URL of the specific tweet and paste it into a direct message, an extra step that again, one might think Twitter would’ve remedied before now, seeing as sharing within Twitter is just logical.

Why have a messaging function if not to share the content from that same platform easily? Oh right, for famous people to accidentally not understand what they’re doing and send private messages on their public timelines instead.

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