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FDA Quietly Delays Stricter Rules On E-Cigarettes, Cigars

The Food and Drug Administration has handed a temporary victory to e-cigarette and cigar companies, quietly deciding to delay enforcement on some recently finalized rules that impose stricter oversight on these tobacco and nicotine products[More]

Rdog Xtreme

Going To Cuba? You May Now Bring Home All The Rum And Cigars You Can Carry

The Caribbean island nation of Cuba is many different things to many different people. However, to a very large percentage of Americans, the name is almost synonymous with quality, if not entirely legal, consumables: cigars and rum. No wonder, then, that news of increased access to celebratory smokes and libations from Cuba is being met with good cheer. [More]


Makers Of E-Cigarettes And Pricey Cigars Want To Avoid FDA Approval And Regulation

Until earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration didn’t have authority to regulate some new or unusual smokeable products that have been growing in popularity, like premium cigars, hookah tobacco, vaping products, and e-cigarettes. However, the industries behind these products are fighting regulation with lobbyists, hoping to do away with the new rule. [More]

FDA Bans Sale Of E-Cigarettes To Minors; Requires Health Warnings

FDA Bans Sale Of E-Cigarettes To Minors; Requires Health Warnings

After a prolonged, seven-year process of drafting regulations for e-cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration has finalized rules that treat e-cigs, hookah tobacco, pipe tobacco, and premium cigars the same as traditional cigarettes and cigars. [More]

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If You Have A Reason To Go To Cuba, You Can Now Bring Cuban Rum And Cigars Back To The U.S. With You

You can get a Cuban sandwich in almost any city in the U.S., but it’s been fifty years since it was last legal to have a Cuban rum drink along with it, or to go smoke a Cuban cigar on the patio out back afterwards. Until today. [More]


Massachusetts Town Decides Against Banning Tobacco Sales After Outcry

After floating the idea of possibly banning all tobacco sales within city limits, a Massachusetts town’s Board of Health has decided to give up the proposal after some residents protested the effort, saying they should be able to buy cigarettes and other products in their own town. [More]


Massachusetts City Considering Banning Tobacco Sales Completely

While most cities have banned smoking indoors in public places, and companies like CVS have decided to stop selling cigarettes outright, no U.S. town has actually banned the sale of tobacco… yet. One Massachusetts city is considering taking tobacco off the shelves, a choice that would make it the first town to do so. [More]

Higher Cigarette Taxes Drove Smokers To Pipe Tobacco & Cigars

Higher Cigarette Taxes Drove Smokers To Pipe Tobacco & Cigars

Among the intended goals of higher taxes on cigarettes is that some smokers will quit rather than deal with the increased cost. While this may happen, newly released numbers show that taxing cigarettes also drove up the sales of forms of tobacco that are taxed at lower rates. [More]

NY State Approves $4.35/Pack Tax On Cigarettes

NY State Approves $4.35/Pack Tax On Cigarettes

As we reported over the weekend, the NY State Legislature was considering a proposal to increase the state’s already high $2.75/pack tax on cigarettes by $1.60. And last night, the ayes had it over the coughing and hacking nos, making New York the most expensive place to smoke in the U.S. [More]

New York Proposes Nation's Highest Cigarette Taxes

New York Proposes Nation's Highest Cigarette Taxes

Cigarettes may cost more than $10 per pack in New York under the state’s latest plan to close a $9 billion budget gap. In New York City, the tax alone on a pack of cigarettes would rise to $5.85. And cigarettes aren’t the only carcinogens set for a tax bump under the proposal. [More]