Lewis Black Rants About The Expansion Of Black Friday

lewis_black_fridayMost Americans don’t go shopping on Black Friday or on Thanksgiving Day, but it remains a popular topic for us in the media to yap about. This year, the increasing number of stores opening on Thanksgiving Day and growing controversy over the practice has prompted Lewis Black, professional ranter, to weigh in.

He didn’t just walk around shouting: this was a “Back in Black” segment on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” Black doesn’t really have a problem with people not worshipping him on Black Friday, or even with the uncontrolled shopping frenzies. “Trample a guy on a Tuesday afternoon, you get charged with assault,” he says. “But do it on Black Friday, you get a PS4!”

No, his problem is with the media’s inconsistent stance on the Black Thursday phenomenon. When it’s employees complaining about having to work on the holiday, newscasters and the general public shrug and say, “find another job if you don’t like it.” However, when it’s a business forced to be open on a holiday against its will or face fines, well, then people get upset.

Back in Black: Black Friday [Hulu]

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