Drunk Cyclist Visits Taco Bell Drive-Thru At 3 A.M., Is Turned Away



Here is the saddest fast food story you will read today: a man in Florida pulled up to the drive-thru around closing time at Taco Bell, but the restaurant wouldn’t serve him. Why? Well, there was a combination of problems: he was intoxicated. And on a bicycle. When he refused to leave the drive-thru, Taco Bell employees called the police.

From there, things got worse. As he sat on his bike at the speakerphone, forlorn and taco-less, the police asked him to leave. They saw a Swiss Army knife on his belt, and the man resisted when a cop tried to take the “weapon.” From there, police tackled him to the ground and has been charged with resisting arrest with violence.

Remember, kids: whether it’s a bicycle, a horse, or a mobility scooter, don’t try any of this alternative vehicle nonsense in the fast food drive-thru. If you’re too drunk to drive, you’ll have to settle for the frozen burrito that you’ve been saving for an emergency exactly like this.

Police: Drunken bicyclist arrested at Taco Bell drive-through after tussle with cops [WFTV] (via Gawker – with the world’s saddest mug shot)

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