Two Men Ride All Of Disney World’s 46 Rides In One Day

There are many things that as a kid, we swear we’ll do when we’re finally old enough to live our own lives: Build that awesome treehouse, tell Scott McMeaniePants from 7th grade that he’s a total knob, and ride amusement park rides all day long with no one to tell you to stop. Two grown men lived that last childhood fantasy out, riding all 46 rides at Disney World in a single day.

The two guys accomplished their feat on Nov. 7 over 17 hours, an epic journey of riding rides that totaled 22 miles of running for the intrepid adventurers, reports the New York Daily News.

Both grew up in the Midwest and visited the park every now and then as children. They both developed a love of theme parks, and met in a chatroom on AOL in their 20s which is when they started to bond over their hobby.

Apparently it ain’t easy to do, but it was all in good fun.

“People find it really hard to believe I guess,” one of the men, 41, told the NYDN. “It’s not like we’re solving world hunger. But it’s fun to have a little challenge that no one has ever done before and people think is impossible.”

One of the men has lived in Orlando for nine years and says he’s been to Disney World hundreds of times by now. But he still remembers that as a kid, he tried to get as much out of that one day at the park as he could, riding as many rides as possible.

The pals made their first attempt — and first meeting in real life — last year. Unfortunately, three of the rides were closed due to weather at the end of the day.

This year they started planning early, checking the schedules for all of the rides, timing exactly how long it’d take them to get where they needed to go and figuring out when each ride would be at its least crowded. They also trained physically and packed six protein bars and water bottles to refill along the way.

“If you had asked me ahead of time if I could have (run 22 miles), I would have said ‘no way,'” the 46-year-old friend said. “But over the day it’s only a mile and a half an hour so it’s not that bad.”

With FastPass tickets in hand, they started their day off at 8 a.m. at Hollywood Studios and endedit 15 minutes before the park closes at 1 a.m. at the Magic Kingdom.

They had time left, so they went on four more rides just to double it up and make the total 50 rides.

“There’s a big difference between taking all of the rides and taking many rides,” one of the guys said. “You really have to get into the nitty gritty of the strategy.”

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