Disney Has Sold 3 Million ‘Frozen’ Character Costumes, Plans To Sell More

(Disney Store)

(Disney Store)

As we shared before Halloween, this year some of the most popular costumes for girls (and a few boys) were the lead characters from the animated Disney movie “Frozen.” While the movie came out last winter, Disney announced that it remains popular, and they’re going to be putting even more “Frozen” merchandise, including costumes, on the shelves for the holiday season.

Keep in mind that those are just the official, Disney-sanctioned costumes that have sold 3 million pieces. That’s just costumes, which start at $50 in Disney Stores. There are plenty of unofficial versions out there, too, and that’s partly because, according to the New York Times, demand for toys and outfits took Disney by surprise last holiday season. This year, they’re ready: “Frozen” merch remains popular, and they have plenty of sparkly blue dresses and tiaras to go around.

As far as the holiday that just concluded goes, about 2.6 million kids dressed as characters from “Frozen” this past Halloween. An estimated 3.4 million were just generic princesses. As a point of reference, 2 million American kids dressed as Batman.

3 Million ‘Frozen’ Princess Dresses Sold, Disney Says [New York Times]

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