Arby’s CEO Would Like To Remind Customers You Can Customize Sandwiches (Sort Of)

It’s not a deli counter where you can order up sandwich fixins willy nilly, but the CEO of Arby’s would like to remind customers that you can customize your sandwich — well, to the extent that you can ask for things to not be on it, or for a different kind of bun.

In an interview with the Associated Press about what the chain is doing to bring customers through its doors and position itself as a “premium” fast-food chain, CEO Paul Brown acknowledged the trend of customization in the fast food industry.

“You can customize your way to being healthy,” he points out, while noting that Arby’s won’t be going the way of ‘build your own as you go.'”

“But we give the ability to say without onions, without mayonnaise or whole wheat instead of a regular bun,” he added.

Is that just holding the mayo and/or making substitutions, or customizing? Shrug.

Brown explains however, that customers might not necessarily know that kind of experience is available at Arby’s — he says less than 1% of customers request a customized order.

“We don’t believe enough people know you can, which is one of the reasons we’re working on our marketing to make that a lot clearer,” Brown said.

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