UPS Driver Kicks Fragile Package, Is Caught On Camera

package_kickerWe at Consumerist have wondered for years now why courier service drivers haven’t yet figured out that business and residential customers alike have security cameras. Like the office on Long Island that caught a UPS driver kicking and shoving a delicate box back to the truck when they had to refuse the delivery.

Inside the box was a nitrogen calibration system worth about $12,000, according to the would-be recipient. It had been sent “cash on delivery,” and their policy is to not accept such shipments, because the company probably doesn’t just keep twelve grand in the receptionist’s desk.

You can see on the video that the driver is not thrilled that the large box has to go back to the truck, and let his frustrations out on the innocent box. He kicked, shoved, and rolled it, which raises the inevitable question of how he got it to the office entrance in the first place.

UPS, of course, delivers millions of packages safely all over the world every day, and I am not just saying that just because I’m at home right now waiting to sign for an important UPS package. Even the company that filmed the box-kicker admits that they receive shipments daily, and have never had a similar problem before.

When contacted about the video, a UPS representative said that this isn’t acceptable handling for any package, let alone one that’s so valuable. “UPS does not condone this specific driver’s behavior,” they told WCBS in New York City. “We are investigating the issue and will take corrective action with this driver.”

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