Florida Man Stuffs Chainsaw Up Shirt, Tries To Bicycle Away

chainsawA few years ago, we shared the story of a bold shoplifter who thought that nobody would notice if he stuffed a chainsaw down his pants and tried to make a break for it. Someone will notice, as it turns out. In Florida, police say that a man tried to commit a similar crime this week, only with the chainsaw stuffed in his shirt. He did not succeed.

Yes, there is surveillance video with audio, which you can see at the Palm Beach Post. Warning: the video plays automatically when you open the page.

According to police, the man entered a hardware store and asked for change for a dollar, then picked up the chainsaw and left the store with it. Maybe it was his getaway method that was problematic: he fled the store on a bicycle. Police found the chainsaw in a vacant lot, but not the suspect. An employee of the store later helped police find him.

He has been charged with grand theft and burglary and is being held in the county jail.

Police: Man tried to steal a chainsaw by hiding it under his shirt [Palm Beach Post] (Warning: auto-play video)

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