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Breast Milk Scammer Sends Fake Check In Exchange For Mail-Order Milk

In this story, a woman and her customer were engaging in a controversial practice: they had arranged online to exchange human milk for money, shipping it across the country. This kind of transaction poses risks of contamination and spoilage, but that isn’t why we’re sharing the story. We’re sharing it because the buyer sent a fake check. [More]

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Woman Allegedly Squirted Breast Milk At Pharmacy Staff, Then Stole Money

When you need to distract someone in order to steal money, simply use what you have at hand. A woman in Germany allegedly stole cash from a pharmacy earlier this week after she distracted employees. Police say that she distracted the employees by whipping out a boob and squirting milk at them. [More]

The Economics Of The Breast Milk Market

The Economics Of The Breast Milk Market

Wet nurses, women who breastfed others’ children for pay, have a venerable history, only going out of style when artificial infant formulas became widely available. Mothers who can’t nurse, but want their babies to have the nutritional and immune benefits of human milk now have more options than ever. These range from informal online networks of “raw” milk donors to Prolacta, a company that takes breast milk donations and sells an ultra-processed milk product for premature infants that costs thousands of dollars per baby per week. [More]