Don’t Call It A Cronut: Dunkin’ Donuts To Start Selling A Cross Between A Croissant & A Donut

notacronutIn a world where you can get a cease and desist letter to stop you from even thinking of calling a croissant/doughnut crossover a cronut, Dunkin’ Donuts knows it has two choices: It can either ignore the (fading) fad of frankenpastries, or it can just play this thing completely straight and call its new croissant-like doughnut/doughnut-like croissant what it is… a croissant donut.

The eatery announced it’ll be selling this combo pastry next month, reports Reuters, riding the somewhat recentish wave of cronut-inspired mashup foods as long as it can.

Starting Nov. 3 at specific U.S. locations, customers will be able to buy the aptly named Croissant Donut, a circular pastry with a “delicate and flaky croissant ring that is glazed like a donut,” according to a spokeswoman.

Its 24 layers of buttery dough clocks in at 300 calories and will cost around $2.49, which is more than twice the price of a normal doughnut.

The chain thinks it’s got a winner on its hands, apparently, as a similar item called the New york Pie Donut that launched last year in South Korea did well and became a permanent menu item.

Again, this isn’t a cronut. Just keep telling yourself that, DD.

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shops to sell flaky croissant-donut crossover [Reuters]

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