Bing Adds The Option To Search The Internet With Emojis

For all those moments when the words escape you and you’re thinking strictly in pictures, search engine Bing announced this week that it’s launching a new option to cruise for answers on the Internet using emojis.

“As you likely know, emoji are small pictures used to express an idea or emotion,” Bing helpfully explains to those of us out there who are woefully unhip.

In all English markets, you’ll now be able to use emoji characters to find what you want, with results based on “the semantic meaning of the emoji” — because it’s just so tough to write the words “Fuji apple,” as in the example Bing gives above.

Or perhaps you don’t know what the heck that emoji is supposed to be — this way you can search for it directly, instead of trying to describe it.

The possibilities are endless, if not a bit baffling. Like the time (20 minutes ago) when I wondered about lip sweat and sleep dancing:


But some things don’t work out quite so well, in terms of results, depending on how crazy you decide to get:


Words escape us all sometimes, it seems.

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