Feds Searching For Graffiti Artist Vandalizing National Parks And Leaving An Instagram Handle Behind

How could you tag something better than nature already has?

How could you tag something better than nature already has? (Raj Hanchanahal Photography)

The idea of leaving a place better than when you found it is a fine idea when it comes to things like tidying up a campground before you take off, but that does not mean painting graffiti all over our nation’s parks and wild places. But hey, leaving your Instagram handle on those paintings is a nice touch that should help out authorities when they come looking for you.

And looking for a serial paint vandal they are indeed, reports the San Francisco Gate. The “they” being federal law enforcement who are searching for a person who they believe has been spraying cartoony portraits in national parks across five states.

From a white and red face painting featuring a blue serpent slithering out of its mouth at California’s Yosemite National Park to graffiti left in places like Zion and Joshua Tree, the tagger’s alleged Instagram account @creepytings (which no longer exists) was reportedly full of her exploits.

Though there is a female name on the account, authorities haven’t confirmed if they’ve been in contact with the suspect and it’s unclear whether she is really a she, despite the nice clue left behind.

One of the first to notice the graffiti spotted the white and red portrait on a granite rock near Yosemite’s Vernal Falls is a blogger who snapped a pic and wrote about the shocking discovery.

“Scrolling through her other images, it quickly became clear to me that this account was linked to a New Yorker on a long trip through the parks of the western U.S.,” she wrote. “Within a few minutes I saw she had also visited Bryce, Zion, Joshua Tree, and other public lands. She seemed proud of the ‘art,’ and appeared to take a lot of pride and happiness in the ‘work.’”

Federal investigators are currently in the process of tracking down this “artist” as well as any more of her recent “work” that could be out there.

Feds hunt clueless graffiti ‘artist’ in Yosemite, other parks [San Francisco Gate]

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