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Bryce Edwards

National Park Service Fighting To Keep Historic Yosemite Names

The National Park Service isn’t quite ready to let go of some of the historic names scattered around Yosemite National Park. After the news that the park would have to change the monikers on several hotels, camping villages, and other areas of the park after ending a longterm deal with the concessions company that owns the trademark on those sites, the NPS is ready to fight over those trademarks. [More]

Bryce Edwards

National Park Service Forced To Change The Names Of Several Historic Yosemite Hotels, Camp Villages

Say goodbye to The Ahwahnee Hotel and The Wawona Hotel, and hello to The Majestic Yosemite Lodge and Big Trees Lodge: Yosemite National Park visitors will see new signs on familiar hotels, inns, camp villages, and other parts of the park after a change in vendors. [More]

How could you tag something better than nature already has?

Feds Searching For Graffiti Artist Vandalizing National Parks And Leaving An Instagram Handle Behind

The idea of leaving a place better than when you found it is a fine idea when it comes to things like tidying up a campground before you take off, but that does not mean painting graffiti all over our nation’s parks and wild places. But hey, leaving your Instagram handle on those paintings is a nice touch that should help out authorities when they come looking for you. [More]

It's Yosemite's party, and it'll cry if it wants to.

Google Doodle Marks Yosemite’s Anniversary (While Gov’t Shutdown Forces Park To Close)

So Yosemite National Park is sitting there, all majestic in the outfit it planned just for the occasion — its 123rd Anniversary, today, Oct. 1 — but something isn’t right. There are no party guests, no cake and not a celebratory banner in sight, because the federal government is shut down today. [More]

Yosemite National Park Warns 1,700 Visitors They Might Have Gotten A Rodent-Borne Disease

Yosemite National Park Warns 1,700 Visitors They Might Have Gotten A Rodent-Borne Disease

Any of the 1,700 people who visited Yosemite National Park and stayed in some of its quaintest rustic tent cabins in June, July or August should take note — park officials are warning visitors from this summer that they maybe could’ve caught a rare rodent-borne disease called hantavirus. So far two visitors have died from the disease and two others have fallen ill. [More]