Newegg Wants You To Subscribe To Buy Vitamins And Toner Cartridges

subscrYou may think of Newegg as a retailer for electronics, but they sell a huge variety of items, from copy paper to pet supplies. Some of these items are useful to have a standing order for, and Newegg is happy to oblige with their new service: Newegg Subscription. This idea may sound a bit familiar.

Customers set up the frequency that they need something, and Newegg brings it to you with a small discount and free shipping. Yes, it is very similar to Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” concept, except that subscribing makes the shipping free, and of course Newegg has a much smaller variety in their inventory.

Much of the company’s inventory that isn’t gadgets or office supplies comes from outside sellers, in fact. That isn’t unusual today and the experience can be seamless for customers, but one important thing is to make sure that the seller you’re buying from is an authorized seller of the product you’re buying if your purchase is something you may need to use the warranty for.

Newegg Capitalizes on Subscription Shopping Trend [ECommerceBytes]

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