Hating Lines Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse To Shoplift $300 In Liquor, Other Goods From Walmart

Long lines are a pain, but they’re part of the deal when you shop at major retail stores. If you don’t like to wait you can always fulfill your grocery list during off-hours, but you can’t just walk out the door without paying.

Fox6 News reports that a Wisconsin man allegedly stole $300 worth of liquor and other items from a local Walmart store because he simply didn’t want to wait in line to pay for the good.

According to police, the 74-year-old man hid a liquor bottle under his bag and walked out a side door of the store.

The man allegedly told police that he does it all the time and it had never been a problem before.

Police charged the man with shoplifting and obstructing an office because he provided a fake name.

If the man had only been able to hold off on shopping until the holiday season, Walmart is promising to have cashiers at every one of its registers during peak business hours.

Walmart shoplifter says he “doesn’t like to wait in lines” [Fox6 News]

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