Kevin Hart Begs National Car Rental To Not Fire Driver Who Took Photo With Him

Even during my darkest days of working in the celebrity news trenches (a time in my life I’d like to forget), I still found myself occasionally starstruck, posing for poorly snapped cellphone photos with celebrities like Salma Hayek and Love Boat’s Jill Whelan. Thank heavens I wasn’t a bus driver for National Car Rental, or I’d have been suspended from my job.

UPDATE: In the wake of national media coverage and Hart’s public plea, the driver has been reinstated.

This is apparently what happened to one National shuttle bus driver at Los Angeles International Airport, who spotted comedian/actor Kevin Hart and got him to pose for a photo with her.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that the driver had been suspended without pay for her actions, but last night Hart actually used to gossip site to make a public plea to National to let the driver keep her job.

“I’m asking National to please give this woman a pass,” Hart says in the brief video plea above. “I love National, and if I had seen me I would have taken a selfie with me too! C’mon, have some compassion.”

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