Volkswagen Recalls More Than 441,000 Beetles, Jettas To Inspect Rear Suspension Issue

Did you ever play the road trip game where you got to punch your sibling if you saw a Volkswagen Beetle? No? Okay, well then, neither did I. For those thinking of playing “slug bug” (or punch buggy, punch bug, punch dub, piggy punch, beetle bug) on the next long drive, there may be fewer cars to spot now that VW is recalling some 441,000 Beetle and Jetta vehicles for possible suspension issues.

The Wall Street Journal reports that VW issued a recall for 400,602 Jetta sedans manufactured between 2011 and 2013, and 41,663 Beetle and Beetle convertible vehicles manufactured from 2012 to 2013.

The recall, which includes more than a million cars globally, was initiated so dealers could inspect the rear suspension of the vehicles.

An investigation was launched two months ago in China after consumers complained about broken suspension arms on the rear axle of some VW sedans.

Officials with VW inspected dozens of cars and found that the suspension arm was broken in connection with a rear-end collision for all of the vehicles, the WSJ reports.

According to VW the issue is not a defect. Instead, they insist the broken suspension arm was a result of the owners continuing to drive the car although the axle had been damaged in an accident.

Officials with the company say there have been no injuries reported relating to the axle issue.

Volkswagen Recalling Nearly 500,000 Beetles, Jettas in U.S. [The Wall Street Journal]

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