FedEx Delivery Mistake Leads To Huge Drug Bust

If my neighbor accidentally gets my FedEx or UPS package, the worst that could happen is they find out about my pedestrian reading tastes or that I might order too many video games. Then again, no one is shipping me parcels full of illegal drugs.

Of course, neither was the Houston-area resident who notified police after FedEx mis-delivered a package containing cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin that was intended for a nearby address.

Police tracked down the rightful recipients of the parcel and found a trio of adults with around $100,000 worth of drugs (including marijuana, prescription painkillers, cocaine, morphine, LSD, hash, steroids, black tar heroin, codeine, and drugs normally prescribed to cancer patients), a variety of weapons and thousands of dollars in cash.

Oh, and a 5-year-old who slept in the room next to where its mom smoked meth, reports the Houston Chronicle.

While FedEx dumb-lucked into aiding law enforcement in this case, the company is currently in hot water with the federal government for its alleged involvement with illegal drug shipments.

In July, a federal grand jury indicted FedEx on multiple charges, including Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances, Distribution of Controlled Substances, Conspiracy to Distribute Misbranded Drugs and Misbranding Drugs, because it allegedly turned a blind eye to shipments from operators of illegal pharmacies.

The shipping company denies any wrongdoing.

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