Casino’s 123-Pound Potato Pocket Nabs The Title Of World’s Biggest Pierogi


Normal sized yet no less delicious pierogis. (frankieleon)

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of cooks out there angling to make really, really big food right now? We’ve had a very long bratwurst, a ginormous dish of Hawaiian cuisine and now comes the newest record holder for World’s Biggest Pierogi.

Not that I can complain about such a delicious trend, one that now includes a colossal dough pocket filled with mashed potatoes, otherwise known as the food of the gods, which is what the giant perogi whipped up by cooks at a Pittsburgh casino sounds like.

“We started with 60 pounds of mashed potatoes and 42 pounds of dough,” Rivers Casino Executive Chef Richard Marmion told CBS Pittsburgh, adding that the attempt at the world record started quite early in the morning.

“It was quite a challenge. The planning and the pre-planning and the testing were probably the biggest part. Assembling it and really getting it together today was really kind of easy. We ran through that a couple of times, so we were pretty confident,” Marmion said.

The final product weighs in at 123 pounds, making it an official, certified Guinness World Record.

“At Guinness World Records, we are always looking for people to try new records and break existing ones. I hope someone tries this again though because I would love to come out and try it again,” a Guinness World Records Adjudicator said.

It’s just too bad there was no adjudicator on hand when I swear I ate 123 pounds of frozen pierogis my college housemates and I consumed between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. senior year. It had to have been some kind of damn delicious record. Or just damn delicious.

Rivers Casino Cooks Up World’s Biggest Pierogi [CBS Pittsburgh]

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