Disneyland Visitors Stuck On Ferris Wheel For Two Hours

When faced with annoying circumstances in life, one must simply ask how the situation could possibly get worse, and then be grateful that it’s not. So while dozens of Disneyland visitors were stuck for a few hours on a park Ferris wheel, just look at it this way: At least the ride was clear on the other side from “It’s A Small World,” meaning there was absolutely no way they had to listen to that the entire time.

Because someone will likely point it out, yes, I’ve been to Disneyland and I know you only hear the song when you’re on the actual ride (right?), but can you imagine? Gratitude!

According to CBS Los Angeles, people were stuck for around two hours in 90-degree weather on Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

“It was definitely hot up there. First 45 minutes was, we had no communication of what was happening. We could hear someone saying, ‘Thanks for your patience.’ We didn’t know what was happening,” one passenger told CBS Los Angeles.

“We are working to evacuate our guests as soon as possible. The safety of our Guests and Cast Members is our highest priority,” a spokesman said at the time, probably not realizing that you don’t want to evacuate a person in public.

Disney officials confirmed that the wheel stopped unexpectedly due to an unidentified technical difficulty, without explaining what that was exactly.

No one was hurt in the process– and again, no one had to hear that song, we hope — and everyone got off the ride safely. Guests were given cold towels and water, as well as a free one-day pass.

…That song is totally stuck in your head now, isn’t it? Mine too. Sorry.

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