What’s The Most-Ticketed Car In America?

It’s definitely your own fault you were cruising past a cop at 15 mph over the limit, and we get it that great at parking between the lines, but if you happen to drive a Subaru WRX, you might just be doomed (not really).

According to a new report on 526 models, more than one-in-three drivers of that vehicle have had a recent traffic violation of some kind. MarketWatch cites data culled by Insurance.com from 557,000 recent customers, which also points out that though the Subaru WRX gets the most of all the models, there are three Scion vehicles in the Top 20, making it the kingpin of violations.

And while there are your usual suspects — fast, sporty cars, the kind that seems to be just begging to be taken for a speedy spin — hybrid cars got their fare share of tickets as well. It might be more about the age of the drivers instead of the actual brands, Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book told MarketWatch.

“These cars all appeal to a younger demographic and many of them skew heavily male,” he says. “Of course, young male drivers typically take the most risks and garner the most tickets, or are involved in the most accidents.”

Of all the drivers polled, 20% reported traffic violations, which mostly included speeding. But there were also numerous offenses like failure to lead and drunken driving, in the last three years.

If you’re living in fear that your car will have a higher rate than others due to tickets, Des Toups, managing editor of Insurance.com, says you should worry more about claims involving those vehicles than the number of traffic violations.

“Tickets tend to drive up your rates alone,” he says, while an accident in one model will drive up the rate for everyone’s car of that same model. Accidents help drive up the rates of everyone who owns that car, he says. “Tickets tend to drive up your rates alone.”
Here are the Top 10, for more check out MarketWatch:
1. Subaru WRX            33.60%
2. Pontiac GTO           32.70%
3. Scion FR-S            32.60%
4. Toyota Supra          30.80%
5. Subaru Tribeca        29.70%
6. Volkswagen Rabbit     29.60%
7. Mercury Topaz         28.80%
8. Scion tC 28.80%
9. Toyota FJ Cruiser 28.40%
10. Mazda2 28.10%

The most ticketed car in America is… [MarketWatch]

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