Another Beautiful Nightmare Before Christmas Display At Target

Every retailer has its own specialty when it comes to holiday mashup decorations. At Hobby Lobby, it’s beautifully decorated evergreen trees with a fall theme. Target has settled on a holiday specialty, and that is “Nightmare Before Christmas” displays that combine elements of the two holidays. We’re pretty sure that it’s accidental, but maybe it’s not. We have to admit, though, when you see these displays in the wild at Target, they sort of work.


Reader Paula spotted this mashup at a Target store in Arizona, and submitted it to the Consumerist Flickr pool.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas,” of course, refers to the 1993 Tim Burton stop-motion animation film about the mysterious beings in charge of our holidays, and what happened when the residents of Halloweentown kidnapped Santa Claus and put themselves in charge of Christmas, therefore guaranteeing that goth-leaning young adults would buy piles of Disney-licensed Christmas merchandise for decades to come. It’s available on Netflix streaming, and you should watch it.

Or you could skip that and just check out the live-action version at your local Target store.

Target’s Accidental Nightmare Before Christmas Looks Kind Of Cool

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