Virgin America Flight Diverted After Passenger Masturbates, Tries To Open Exit Door


The purple lights are kind of inviting, but come on. (triterion)

A Virgin America flight from Boston to Los Angeles had to stop in Nebraska on the way. Because while self-love is perfectly acceptable and healthy, it should not be attempted on a plane full of people, and followed by an attempt to exit out the emergency door. You know, planes being public and in the air and all.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the Virgin America flight landed Monday morning in Omaha, a following a “medical emergency,” reports NBC Bay Area, but the police report would beg to differ.

Police say a 26-year-old passenger was “masturbating in flight and later tried to open an exit door,” according to the report acquired by NBC Bay Area.

Law enforcement officials boarded the plane and arrested the man, who one passenger said was wearing a hospital bracelet.

Another witness said the man came back from the bathroom and fought with the woman next to him, telling a flight attendant she should move.

“He at that point was fidgeting and began to remove the plastic covering from the emergency exit door and tried to pull to open the door,” the passenger explained. “Fortunately there were a couple of Boston police officers on the flight that were there at that point to help as well.”

Masturbating Passenger Forces Plane to Land in Nebraska: Police [NBC Bay Area]

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