Here Are 9 Minutes Of The iPhone-Bending Guy Trying To Bend Other Phones

Yesterday, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy planted his flag in the Internet with his video demonstrating that the iPhone 6 Plus does indeed bend. But what about the less-huge iPhone 6 and countless other devices — would they bend too? Today, he found out.

In the above clip, Hilsenteger first tackles the iPhone 6. It seemed to give a little as he attempted to bend it, and he claims to notice a small bend afterward, but there is not the distinct curve that resulted in the 6 Plus. Most importantly, it still worked after being stressed.

Next up was the HTC One M8. You can immediately see the screen beginning to come off the face of the device as he pushes with his thumbs, but it returns to normal afterward. Who knows what would have happened with continued pushing?

Then there was the new Moto X, which didn’t seem to respond to Hilsenteger’s bending attempts at all.

“That baby is solid!” he says after trying to curve the device. “I can’t get anything out of that.”

Finally, he tried to bend a Nokia Lumia phone, and while it emitted a cracking sound at the start, there was no visible bending of the frame or damage to the screen.

Our colleagues at Consumer Reports are also putting the new iPhones to the test, but not with their thumbs. They’re doing it with machines in their labs that they have previously used to test whether other devices bent.

Since science takes time, CR can’t just run the new devices through the machine and spit out results in a few minutes, but here’s an advanced look at the testing:

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