Retailer Forgets To Check The News, Sends Email Welcoming An Independent Scotland

madeleavesscotThe staff over at in the United Kingdom were apparently up too late glued to the TV last night to see whether or not Scotland voted to become a separate country. Because while Scotland decided to stay in the UK, a marketing email sent bright and early this morning welcomed a new country to its rolls — Scotland. Well, this is awkward.

Awkward indeed, for those Scots who opened an email set against an image of the Scottish flag, the Saltire, reading:

“ has launched in a new country. Hot on the heels of our launch in the Netherlands just days ago, we’re pleased to announce that we’re now delivering to yet another new territory. Welcome to Scotland.”

According to The Telegraph, it promised a £10 discount on orders over £100 to celebrate adding: “As a little patriotic inspiration for the newly independent country, take a peek at our selection of blue, Saltire-inspired products below.”

Oh, except… yeah… About that. A little bit later someone must’ve finally refueled on caffeine or caught some sleep, because another email was then sent out, this time, set against the (still intact) Union Jack, reports The Telegraph.

“Oops. Please ignore our last email,” the subject read, adding below: “We accidentally hit send on an email we’d prepared in case of a ‘YES’ vote for Scottish independence. Scotland, it’s great to have you back!”


A spokeswoman said the emails were “deliberate” (both of them, really?), saying in a statement: “It’s been a long week for us and we were gripped by last night’s referendum meaning a late night and some bleary eyes, but you guessed it; our emails this morning were deliberate. Scotland, we love you and hope no offence was caused.”

The second email, surely, but unless Made was trying for some kind of Chicago Tribune throwback to 1948 a la “Dewey Defeats Truman” thing on purpose, that first email had to be the result of someone falling asleep on the keyboard and accidentally hitting send. Or someone not paying attention to world news, either way.

Marketing fail for as it announces it is launching in a new country – Scotland [The Telegraph]

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