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Philip Morris CEO: We Might Stop Making Traditional Cigarettes Someday

After decades of making money off brands like Marlboro, Philip Morris is looking to shift its focus away from traditional cigarettes and toward smokeless products. As part of that effort, the company’s CEO says it may stop making cigarettes altogether — eventually. [More]

Proposed Rule Would Ban Smoking In All Public Housing

Proposed Rule Would Ban Smoking In All Public Housing

Even though smoking has reached historically low levels in the U.S., regulators continue to try to snuff out cigarettes with bans on smoking in public spaces. We’ve already seen beaches, parks, and office buildings say no to tobacco, and a new federal rule would extend this anti-smoking stance to all public housing in the U.S. [More]

Alaska Airlines Makes Emergency Landing After Credit Card Reader Ignites In The Trash

Alaska Airlines Makes Emergency Landing After Credit Card Reader Ignites In The Trash

An Alaska Airlines flight heading from Newark, NJ to Seattle was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday morning, after the plane reported smoke on board. Oddly enough, the incident was reportedly sparked when a credit card reader that had been thrown in the trash somehow ignited. [More]

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United Airlines Flight Forced To Turn Around After Passenger Refuses To Stop Smoking

Though it might seem like “no smoking” signs on airplanes aren’t even needed anymore — who could possibly think lighting up a cigarette in an enclosed cabin filled with other people is okay? — there are apparently those out there who still need reminding that smoking isn’t allowed. To wit: a United Airlines flight headed to Boston from Denver was forced to turn around after a passenger reportedly lit up and refused to stop smoking. [More]

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New Orleans Ban Against Smoking In Bars Goes Into Effect

Bars never close in New Orleans, but now those late night hot spots and cozy dives won’t be filled with smoke: Following the lead of many of the country’s major cities, New Orleans put a ban against smoking inside bars into effect as of today. [More]


D.C. Court Issues Temporary Order Prohibiting Man From Smoking In His Home After Neighbors Sue

No home is an island, especially when it shares walls with other houses. As such, a Superior Court judge in Washington, D.C. has issued a temporary order banning a man from smoking inside his home, after his neighbors filed a lawsuit claiming that the fumes were harmful to their health. [More]


Cigarette Company Reynolds Finally Bans Indoor Smoking At The Workplace

Look around you. Is anyone you work with currently puffing away on a cigarette inside? Is smoke curling up from the cubicles nearby? Not likely, but while smoking inside at the workplace is a thing of the past for most companies today, there’s one business where it was still welcome, until now at least: Reynolds American, makers of Camel cigarettes, announced this week that its employees will no longer be allowed to smoke indoors as of Jan. 1, 2015. [More]

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Oregon Proposes Smoking Ban For All 362 Miles Of Its Coastline

Any beachgoers that enjoy puffing away on a cigarette while they sit on the sand or frolic in the surf may have to get their nicotine fix elsewhere, as Oregon has proposed a ban on smoking that would include all 362 miles of beaches on its coastline. [More]


New York To Legalize Medical Marijuana — As Long As You’re Not Smoking It

New York is just about ready to legalize medical marijuana in the state for patients with serious illnesses — and no, your cousin Chad’s extreme boredom is not an illness — as long as patients aren’t smoking the stuff. [More]


CVS To Stop Selling Cigarettes In All Of Its Stores By October 1

Drugstore chain CVS will stop selling cigarettes and all other tobacco products in its stores this year, the retailer announced this morning. [More]

Group Suing NYC Says Parks’ No-Smoking Signs Subject Smokers To Hostile Confrontations

Group Suing NYC Says Parks’ No-Smoking Signs Subject Smokers To Hostile Confrontations

Not everyone is pleased with New York City’s ban on smoking in public parks and other recreation areas — a group advocating smokers’ rights says outdoor no-smoking signs in state parks, beaches, pools and historic sites subject smokers to hostile confrontations. The group is suing the New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to get them to remove the signs. [More]