No, You Can’t Shampoo Your Hair With Mayo (Or Anything) In Public Fountains

Another unrelated fountain that you cannot bathe in. (Hammerin Man)

Another unrelated fountain that you cannot bathe in. (Hammerin Man)

Sure, public fountains look just like giant showers, but the thing is, they’re not. They’re available to the public for viewing, listening to, sometimes throwing money into, but definitely not for bathing. Not with mayonnaise in your hair, not for any other reason.

It seems we must be clear on this point, because there are those out there who apparently don’t understand — or don’t want to understand — how public resources are to be used. reports that an Oklahoma City man was arrested this week after people reported that a guy was freaking everyone out and causing a ruckus in a public fountain.

When an officer arrived, she talked to the suspect, who happened to be soaked and breathing hard, and he had a good reason: He said he’d been washing his hair with mayonnaise in a nearby fountain. So you know, you get wet when you’re shampooing your hair, unless you’re very careful or at the salon.

The 23-year-old man was arrested on a complaint of bathing in a prohibited public area. He also probably has very shiny hair right now because I heard somewhere that mayo is great for getting a bit of a glow.

Arrested man tells police he was washing hair in fountain with mayonnaise []

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