Don’t Jump Into The Giant Fish Tank At Bass Pro Shops Just Because You Can

Image courtesy of Jason Riedy

Much like fountains, aquariums, zoos and other places where the public can come into contact with lots of water, the fish tank at your local sporting goods shop is not intended to be your personal swimming hole, even if it’s large enough for you to jump into.

A boy who jumped from an upper bridge into the main aquarium in the center of a Bass Pro Shops store on Saturday afternoon could be facing charges if there’s any damage to the tank or the fish, reports The Denver Post (Note: above photo is from another Bass Pro Shops location).

According to an employee, the boy’s friends took a video of the incident.

“Yes, a juvenile thought it was a good idea to jump into the tank,” Officer Marika Putnam of the Denver Police Department told the Post, adding that the boy hit his head but wasn’t taken to the hospital.

Bass Pro Shops confirmed the unauthorized dunk, saying in a statement to FOX-31 that a “teenage minor attempted to enter our aquarium as part of an intended prank.”

“Our associates and security team quickly addressed the issue safely and without incident,”the sporting goods store said. “We also appreciate the assistance of local law enforcement. Such occurrences are extremely rare and highly discouraged.”

Rare though these incidents may be, this isn’t the first time someone has filmed a pal jumping into the tank at a Bass Pro Shops store, as a quick YouTube search shows. These tanks have proved tantalizing enough to have inspired at least a few tank pranks in past years, complete with concise descriptions like, “Jumped in fish tank at bass pro, lol.”

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