Didn’t Want That U2 Album On Your iPhone? Now You Can Remove It

u2appleaMore bad news for U2. Not only did the band find out that it can’t make the Billboard charts by having Apple put it on every iPhone user’s iTunes account, but it turns out that a bunch of people aren’t U2 fans and don’t want their new album even if it’s free. After hearing from a few of these folks Apple has decided that maybe you should have a way to remove the tunes from your account.

Recode.net points us to a newly posted Apple.com page with instructions on how to delete Songs of Innocence from your iTunes account:

1. Go to http://itunes.com/soi-remove.
2. Click Remove Album to confirm you’d like to remove the album from your account.
3. Sign in with the Apple ID and password you use to buy from the iTunes Store.
4. You’ll see a confirmation message that the album has been removed from your account.

Those who actually downloaded the album will need to manually remove the songs from your device or computer, just like that playlist your ex made for you but now you can’t listen to because it reminds you of — never mind.

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