Verizon Allowing Some Early Upgrades During iPhone 6 Frenzy

iphone6Verizon is trying to sweeten the pot in its bid to retain customers looking to upgrade to one of the new iPhones. The nation’s wireless company has confirmed that it will allow customers who are on the precipice of upgrade eligibility to take advantage a couple months earlier than their contracts allow.

GigaOm reports that it has confirmed with Verizon that customers who are eligible for an upgrade between now an Nov. 15 (so those between 22 and 24 months into their contracts) can upgrade now if they want. The deal isn’t just for the iPhone, but the timing is obviously intended to take advantage of the large number of customers looking to change up to the new device.

Verizon, like other providers, used to be less strict about customers only being allowed to upgrade every 24 months, but it changed that policy in recent years because the majority of customers had already upgraded their plans from voice/text to include data, so there was no incentive for Verizon to provide discounted phones to customers any earlier than they were contractually obligated to.

But now some competitors are offering to pay early termination fees for customers willing to jump ship, so Verizon has a good reason to ease its upgrade restriction and allow some customers to upgrade a couple months early.

Of course, you’ll still need to pay an upgrade fee, regardless of whether or not you’re in contract.

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