Burger King Employee Beats Up Former Co-Worker Who Attempted To Rob Restaurant

In a move that would probably get him fired if he worked at Walmart, a Burger King employee in Ohio fought off a knife-wielding wannabe robber, who happened to have previously worked at that restaurant (and whose special lady friend still works there).

NorthCoastNow.com has the story of the failed robbery attempt yesterday at a BK in Elyria, OH.

The manager says one of her co-workers had gone outside to take out the trash, but when he came back into the store, he was holding his hands in the air, followed by another man wielding a knife.

The man with the knife had been previously employed at this BK, and the manager says one of her other employees is his significant other (it’s unclear whether it’s his wife or girlfriend).

While the manager tried to talk to the former employee, the worker being held at knifepoint grabbed a nearby broomstick and used it to knock the knife out of the would-be robber’s hand. The worker then grabbed his former colleague and took him outside, where they fought until police arrived.

While the currently employed BK worker was uninjured, the same couldn’t be said for the man who pulled a knife on him. He had to receive treatment at the hospital before being hauled off to jail.

Many companies have policies against employees intervening in robbery attempts, and we’ve covered numerous stories of people who have been fired for tackling thieves or thwarting robbery attempts. Let’s hope this man’s story doesn’t also end that way.

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