Pumpkin Spice Watch: Yogurt, Cookies, Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins September Flavor Of The MonthAmerica has not yet reached peak Pumpkin Spice. We apparently haven’t decided on the next fall flavor yet: it could be pecan, or maybe candy apple. If you can’t get enough of the pumpkin-like flavor, we’ve learned about some new pumpkin spice products on the market: you can learn all about them or clutch your taste buds in terror. Whatever works for you.

First up: pumpkin cheesecake is the flavor of the month at Baskin-Robbins for the month. They’ll turn it into a milkshake instead, if that’s what you’re into.

Pumpkin spice Milano cookies exist, but Adam over at The Impulsive Buy reports that they’re not so great. They smell wonderful, but the pumpkin flavor fades into the background and tastes artificial.

(The Impulsive Buy)

(The Impulsive Buy)

Sure, we know that most flavorings are not pure pumpkin purée, but that doesn’t mean they have to taste fake. This was also what we found this morning during a very unofficial Consumerist test of the Dunkin’ Donuts Creme Brulee Latte: lots of coffee and caramel sweetness, but the pumpkin sort of fades into the background.


Finally, for your slightly healthier pumpkin spice breakfast needs, Chobani has introduced it as a Greek yogurt flavor. Of course.

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