Driver Learns A Cardboard License Plate Drawn With Markers Won’t Pass Muster With Cops

BUT WHICH ONE IS REAL?!?(Massachusetts State Police)

BUT WHICH ONE IS REAL?!?(Massachusetts State Police)

We know, we know, going to the Department of Motor Vehicles is such a drag… all those lines and tickets and forms to fill out and grumpy people — ugh. But though it might be mighty convenient to draw up your own license plate instead of getting a new one the right way, you’re not about to fool any cops out there on the road.

Especially if you use cardboard and colored markers to draw up your own version in a homemade craft project, as police in Massachusetts say one driver recently did.

According to, a state police trooper pulled over a 20-year-old driver on the interstate this week, after spotting the weird license plate on the back of her car. As in, it’s not a license plate, it’s a drawing.

It did include the words “Massachusetts” and “The Spirit of America” drawn in blue pen, because if you’re going to make a fake license plate, why go with another state than your own, right?

Alas, “That’s a big no-no,” said one state trooper.

The driver wasn’t arrested but will have to show in court for charges of driving with a suspended license and attaching false plates.

Massachusetts State Police not fooled by fake license plate during Chicopee traffic stop []

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