Man Stabs Homeless Dog At Petsmart Adoption Clinic

clara_pibble“A Petsmart adoption clinic ended in tragedy” is a sentence that I never expected to write. That’s what happened after a terrible altercation at a Petsmart store in Georgia, where a customer stabbed a homeless pit bull, claiming that she attacked his own dog. The stab wounds were so severe that she was euthanized.

Clara the pit bull had spent almost half of her life looking for a new home and in foster care at a boarding kennel. She wasn’t great with other dogs, and the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society, the group caring for her, was looking for a home where she would be the only dog.

The problem with pet adoption clinics, especially clinics at pet stores, is that people who are there tend to already have a pet. They started a Facebook page, where she attracted thousands of fans, but no adopters. Clara hadn’t done well at clinics in the past, but was there seeking a home on Sunday.

Who started the altercation at the Petsmart? It isn’t clear, but the Newnan Times-Herald pieced together what happened from eyewitness accounts and reports from the rescue.

Everyone agrees that the man who stabbed Clara had his own small dog, a West Highland Terrier, and may have been visiting the Banfield vet clinic. The terrier and the pit bull may have exchanged barks earlier, and weren’t friendly. Some witnesses say that the stabbing suspect was complaining about the pit bull’s existence even before it encountered his dog, saying things like, “If you bring that f***ing pit bull near me, I’m going to stab it.”

The pit bull broke loose from her handler while outside for a bathroom break, and ran back inside the store. Witnesses agree that the dog took hold of the smaller dog’s ear and possibly its neck in her mouth, but the question is whether she thought it was a fun game or was out to injure the smaller dog.

While volunteers tried to separate the two dogs, the man got out a pocket knife and stabbed the pit bull multiple times. Fortunately, there was a vet clinic only steps away, but Clara’s injuries were too severe, and she was euthanized. The terrier’s wound wouldn’t clot, and it was taken to another veterinarian.

The rescue volunteer who cared for Clara and tried to find her a home via Facebook wrote a tribute to her, describing the dog as a “joyful, loving girl.”

She taught me how to enjoy the moment, appreciate a cool shady spot on a hot summer day and gave unconditional love. She was the world’s happiest homeless dog and she will always live in my heart.

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