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Woman Who Hasn’t Visited Bay Area In 15 Years Forced To Fight 55 Toll Tickets For Bridges She Didn’t Drive Over

It’s annoying when you receive a ticket for something you never did, but you know what’s even more annoying? Getting 55 tickets in a year for that thing you never did. A California woman who says she hasn’t driven the five hours to the Bay Area in more than 15 years had quite the headache trying to deal with an avalanche of tickets she received from the local authority for not paying bridge tolls on bridges she never drove over. [More]


Florida’s New Toll Road Express Lanes Mean Drivers Who Use Them Will Be Paying Twice

How do you feel about paying tolls? They’re probably not your favorite thing, but if you want to drive on certain roads, they’re a necessity. Drivers in Florida who want to use new express lanes on some of the state’s roads will now be facing a unique situation — double-tolling, the first instance of such a thing in the U.S. [More]